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Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Only Stupid Question is the One You Don’t Ask {Detail}


    Multi-Passage Machine Reading Comprehension Pipeline
  • Hierarchical answer selection framework for Multi-passage Machine Reading Comprehension
  • Advisor: Jun Xu
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    Word Vector Modeling for Sentiment Analysis
  • Acquired the best F1 score in the Competition of NLPCC2014
  • Word Vector Modeling for Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews
  • Advisor: Jie Liu, Yuan Wang
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Machine Learning System


    Big Data Analysis System (BDA)
  • BDA: big data analysis as a online service
  • Advisor: Jun Xu, Xiaohui Yan
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    Easy Machine Learning
  • An open source and general-purpose dataflow-based system for easing the process of applying machine learning algorithms to real world tasks
  • Gained 1700 Stars on GitHub
  • Advisor: Jun Xu
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